Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized

(CNN) — Former President George H.W. Bush, who just buried his wife first lady Barbara Bush on Saturday, is in intensive care, CNN has learned.

“President Bush was admitted to the Houston Methodist Hospital yesterday morning after contracting an infection that spread to his blood. He is responding to treatments and appears to be recovering. We will issue additional updates as events warrant,” spokesman Jim McGrath said in a statement.

Bush, 93, was admitted to the hospital on Sunday morning with an infection that led to sepsis, which can be life-threatening, according to a source close to the former Republican President. He was in critical condition, the source said.

The source added that Bush’s blood pressure kept dropping and a couple of times there was serious concern about whether he was going to come through, but that he had been stabilized.

But with Bush’s age, his health and with this infection, this is very serious, the source explained.

Bush revealed several years ago he suffers from a form of Parkinson’s disease, which has left him unable to walk, so he gets around either in a wheelchair or a scooter.

The former President’s hospitalization is especially upsetting for his family because it follows so closely on the death of his wife of 73 years last Tuesday. The family had been worried about how he would deal with her death and such an emotional week, according to the source.

“Right after a big loss — certainly like he has had — there is some data that shows that some people can develop problems with immunity and become more susceptible to infections,” CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta said. “Infections they otherwise would have been able to fight become more serious.”

The day after his wife’s death, the former President paid tribute to her in a statement.

“I always knew Barbara was the most beloved woman in the world, and in fact I used to tease her that I had a complex relationship about that fact. But the truth is the outpouring of love and friendship being directed at The Enforcer is lifting us all up,” he said, using her nickname. “We have faith she is in heaven, and we know that life will go on — as she would have it. So cross the Bushes off your worry list.”

Zoo visitors kill kangaroo with rocks while trying to make it hop

FUZHOU, China – One kangaroo is dead and another is injured after visitors at a Chinese zoo hurled rocks and other objects at them in two separate incidents.

The Straits Times reports the first pelting happened at the end of February (though China Daily says it happened in early April), when gawkers decided to throw bricks and pieces of concrete at kangaroos at the Fuzhou Zoo in Fujian province to get them to hop around.

A 12-year-old female marsupial was struck on her left foot, per ABC Australia, but although zookeepers tended to the animal’s bleeding limb, they apparently didn’t account for internal injuries. The kangaroo died a few days later, and a vet’s report says it was probably from a ruptured kidney.

Then, in mid-April, a repeat of the projectile-throwing, this time resulting in minor injuries to a 5-year-old male kangaroo who is expected to be OK. Per AsiaOne, the zoo’s breeder says the kangaroos tend to rest for most of the day, with only a window of a few hours where they’re active, and so visitors have on occasion thrown objects at them to spur them out of sleep or just get them to move around.

The zoo does have cameras near certain animal enclosures, but they’re usually turned toward the animals, not the visitors; staff is now vying for money for high-def surveillance cameras after these incidents.

Meanwhile, the zoo will now only allow three kangaroos out at a time for public viewing, and it plans on stuffing the dead kangaroo and putting her on display. (A UK zoo had to put all of its mammals on birth control.)

Former NFL kicker apologizes after prom photo with daughter, handgun goes viral

Prom season is officially in full swing, with photos of dresses and tuxes being posted all over social media.

But one young man got to go to both a prom and a gun show over the weekend, and the photo of his experience has gone viral.

Former NFL player Jay Feely took to his Twitter account to wish his daughter and her date a great time at prom. It looks like a simple enough photo until you look closely at his right hand.

Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom #BadBoys pic.twitter.com/T5JRZQYq9e

— Jay Feely (@jayfeely) April 22, 2018

The photo sparked a heated debate online, with some saying it was all in good fun while others said he went too far.

Feely later tweeted that the photo was intended to be a joke and that he takes gun safety seriously. The gun wasn’t loaded and didn’t have a clip in it, he said.

The prom picture I posted was obviously intended to be a joke. My Daughter has dated her boyfriend for over a year and they knew I was joking.
I take gun safety seriously (the gun was not loaded and had no clip in) and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue

— Jay Feely (@jayfeely) April 22, 2018



Two sentenced in shooting death of 15-year-old

ROCK ISLAND - Two young men have been sentenced in connection with the deadly shooting of a 15-year-old boy from Rock Island.

Kire Carr, 19, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his role in the death of Jescie Armstrong in April of 2016. He will have to serve 100 percent of his sentence.

Armstrong was shot in the head when Carr and two others set out to rob him during a marijuana deal.

"What a waste. I don't know what is going on with you kids," said Judge Norma Kauzlarich during Monday's sentencing.

Trey Gustafson, 21, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He must serve half of that. Gustafson today admitted he set up the drug deal, and knew it was going to be a robbery.

Armstrong was killed for $150 worth of pot.

Both accepted plea deals with the state.

A third defendant, Chelsea Raker, 23, plead guilty in October to armed robbery, and was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

"They took a life, they should have gotten life, but it's the system. That's how it works, we just have to be thankful, they'll be in prison for awhile," said Debbie Armstrong, the victim's grandmother.

"Nobody's gonna bring Jescie back to us. I hope this will send a message to the kids. It's terrible anymore. The deaths, and the guns and the violence," she said.


Prince’s estate files wrongful death lawsuit against Trinity

Rock Island, Illinois – The family of music superstar Prince has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Unity Point Health.

The lawsuit, filed in the Cook County, Illinois Circuit Court, argues that a doctor and a pharmacist at UnityPoint Health’s Trinity Hospital in Rock Island, Illinois failed to properly investigate and treat Prince’s opioid overdose in 2016.

Back in April of 2016, Prince’s private plane made an emergency landing at the Quad City International Airport.

Emergency responders revived the singer with two shots of Narcan.

The singer died about a week later at his estate after an accidental overdose to the powerful opioid Fentanyl.

“We will have much to say when the time is right,” said attorneys for the Nelson family in a statement to WQAD News 8. “We have client interests to protect at the moment, including our theory of the case.  What happened to Prince is happening to families across America.  Prince’s family wishes, through its investigation, to shed additional light on what happened to Prince.  At the same time further light on the opiate epidemic will hopefully help the fight to save lives.  If Prince’s death helps save lives, then all was not lost.” Last week, investigators on the case said no one will be criminally charged for Princes Death. They said they could not determine who supplied him with the drugs.

WQAD News 8 has reached out to UnityPoint Health for comment.

“UnityPoint Health is unable to provide comment on pending legal matters.” said Brian Boesen, Interm Regional Marketing Director.

Van drives through crowd in Toronto leaving 9 dead , 16 injured; Suspect in custody

(CNN) — Nine people are dead and 16 are injured after the driver of a van plowed into multiple pedestrians in Toronto, police said.

The driver of a white van collided with multiple pedestrians on a busy street north of downtown Toronto on Monday, leaving numerous people injured along a trail of destruction stretching up to a mile, officials said.

Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale confirmed casualties.

The suspected driver was in custody and the van has been located, Toronto Police media representative Gary Long said.

A law enforcement official briefed on the situation in Toronto tells CNN the incident is believed to be deliberate.

Seven patients from the incident were received at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. The hospital was unable to provide details on the severity of those injuries.

Stephen Powell, district chief for Toronto Fire, confirmed that there have been multiple casualties. A large presence of Toronto fire, police and EMS personnel are on the scene, Powell said.

The incident happened in the North York area at the intersection of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue, police said. Powell said the suspect covered between a half-mile and a mile in the vehicle.

Authorities have not said publicly if the vehicle collisions were intentional. In recent years, individuals have driven vehicles into crowds of pedestrians in fatal attacks in major cities including Barcelona, New York, London and Nice.

Chelsea Luelo, who works at Capriccio Café, saw the incident and said she thought the driver was hitting people intentionally.

“It looked like he was going straight, halfway through the sidewalk,” Luelo said.

‘Pandemonium broke loose’

Mary Tan shared two photos showing people injured in the incident.

A witness, Raj Irshad, said he saw multiple bodies on the ground.

Irshad works at an Esso gas station about a block from where the van is reported to have driven onto the sidewalk. He said he did not see the initial collision but saw the aftermath. He also saw multiple emergency vehicles in front of his gas station.

One witness told CNN network partner CTV that he was out for a cigarette when he saw the van hit a man walking through the intersection.

“And then, just pandemonium broke loose, just everyone was going crazy,” he said. The vehicle was going 60 to 70 kph, he estimated.

One witness, who was driving at the time, said he at first thought the driver was having a heart attack until he saw the white van speeding and striking people on the sidewalk.

“He’s just hitting people one by one, going down,” the witness said. “It’s a nightmare.”

Bersat Noorai, the manager of Taftan Kebab, said he saw the white van hit the bench in front of his restaurant. He then ran outside and saw two or three people on the ground.

One man, who appeared to be in his early 20s, was losing a lot of blood, and Noorai said he brought him a towel and water and called 911.

‘She’s face down on the concrete’

Another witness, Christian Ali, said he came onto the scene and saw bodies and evidence of the destruction.

He first saw a man unconscious at the side of the road and figured it was a terrible accident after he saw debris from a car.

“Two blocks over, I saw another gentleman unconscious in the middle of the road and a policeman leaning over him holding his neck,” Ali said.

About a block up, he saw a woman who looked like she had died.

“She’s face down on the concrete, a lot of fluid coming out of her head,” Ali said.

“About 20 seconds after that, I came upon a crowd of about 30 people … probably about five people on the ground, bleeding,” he said, adding that pedestrians were performing CPR.

Prime Minister Trudeau: ‘Our hearts go out to anyone affected’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said early Monday afternoon that he was just learning about the incident.

“Our hearts go out to anyone affected. We’re obviously going to have more to learn and more to say in the coming hours,” he said.

Toronto Mayor John Tory said there was a tragic incident on Yonge Street.

“My thoughts are with those affected by this incident and the front-line responders who are working to help those injured,” he said.

Smoke from a controlled burn caused some problems at a Davenport school Monday

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A controlled burn of prairie grasses conducted by Davenport Fire Department on Monday, April 22 ended up causing some problems for students at recess at nearby Adams Elementary School when winds shifted direction, sending heavy smoke over the school's playground.

Numerous complaints of kids with itchy eyes and trouble breathing were reported around 11:30 a.m. According to a release from Davenport Community School District spokeswoman Dawn Saul the children were quickly brought inside and parents were notified of the situation. Children with asthma and other breathing difficulties were particularly affected.

The fire department suspended the controlled burn following the shift in the wind. Medical personnel were sent to the school, but no students were transported for further treatment, although some were sent home for the day.

Adams Elementary is located on N. Division Street.

The controlled burns were being held at Marquette Park, Junge Park, Eastern Avenue Park and Duck Creek Park, according to a post on the City of Davenport's Facebook page.

During controlled burns, the fire department recommends that persons with smoke allergies or asthma keep their windows closed when a burn is being conducted and for several hours afterwards. These persons may also wish to leave their homes if they are able during the burn to avoid smoke exposure.

Bettendorf fire station to double in size by June

BETTENDORF-- When it's all said and done, the State Street Bettendorf Fire Department will nearly double in size by June 1, 2018.  Leaders at the department say the $1.7M expansion is needed to accommodate their growing community.

Every passing year on the force brings about change. Ask Assistant Fire Chief Steven Knorrek.

"When I first started, we had a drive-thru bay on the side that's closest to City Hall, and that disappeared," remembers Knorrek.

Right now, the change is work on new fire bays and a driveway at the department.

The fire station's not the only place growing, with two major developments in downtown. One is the Bridges lofts right next to the fire station, and then the new Acentra Credit Union that will bring in new people and new jobs according to Bettendorf Mayor Bob Gallagher.

"You'll see a lot of change yet this summer, and then you'll see some other buildings popping up this fall. And by next summer, you're going to see a really transformed downtown," says Gallagher.

A new wave of change downtown and a new fire department to go along with it.

"We're adding on three bays and two of the existing bays are being remodeled," says Knorrek.

More spaces, bigger spaces, to store taller trucks.

"We've purchased a new truck that's going to have a higher ladder, so our taller buildings will have a new truck that's downtown. Most of the buildings being built will be taller buildings," says Gallagher.

The idea is that more people will live and work in the new downtown, so Mayor Gallagher says fire expansion needs to happen sooner than later.

"Trying to stay ahead of the curve, making sure public safety is number one. So we will have that fire station up and running before people occupy the buildings," says Gallagher.

The city is changing and growing towards a more vibrant future.

"Things are really happening in Bettendorf," says Gallagher.

WQAD journalists rake in Associated Press awards at banquet

EAST PEORIA, Illinois — WQAD News 8 journalists and photographers brought home three first place and two second place awards at the Illinois Associated Press Broadcasters awards banquet held on Saturday, April 21.

Reporter Elizabeth Wadas garnered three first place awards, including the overall “best reporter” category. Photojournalist Stephanie Mattan also added two first place awards.

Wadas and Mattan took first place in Best Light Feature for this story about Mississippi River Monsters. They also pulled in another first place in the Best Spot News category for this story about a man who miraculously escaped a fire and even managed to save his beloved saxophone.

Photojournalist Andy McKay got in on the awards action, teaming up with Wadas for second place in the Best Sports Report category for this story about a local man making it big as a Major League groundskeeper for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Finally, former WQAD reporter Jenna Morton and Mattan teamed up for a second place award in the Best Videography category for this story about a neighborhood barbershop in Rock Falls.

Fire breaks out during bed bug fumigation at house near Moline La Rancherita

MOLINE, Illinois — A fire broke out at a home next to La Rancherita 2 restaurant near the intersection of Ave. of the Cities and 16th St. in Moline on Monday afternoon as it was being fumigated for bed bugs.

The owners were not home but Iowa – Illinois Termite and Pest Control inspectors had been on the premises to exterminate bed bugs, according to Moline Fire Inspector Jerry Spiegel. No one was hurt.

Spiegel said the fire was caused by excessive heat during the fumigation.

Slight smoke and fire damage was visible to the exterior of the home, but Spiegel could not confirm the amount of loss at this time.

The fire was under control by 1:45 p.m. but traffic in the area would be partially blocked until about 2:30 p.m., said Spiegel.

When asked for comment, Iowa – Illinois Termite and Pest Control refused.



Iowa governor defends secrecy surrounding firing of ally

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds on Monday defended the secrecy surrounding her firing of a longtime ally accused of sexual harassment, saying she doesn’t have to release more information while insisting the matter was handled appropriately.

The Republican governor repeated her claims that the allegations against Iowa Finance Authority director David Jamison were credible and that she terminated him swiftly as a result. She said she won’t specify the allegations to protect the confidentiality of the victims who reported misconduct, and that she doesn’t have to give any further reason for the termination because Jamison was an at-will employee.

Reynolds also defended her decision not to recuse herself from the matter despite her longstanding work and political ties to Jamison.

“I have a lot of friends and colleagues that I have worked with over the years. We said we had a zero-tolerance policy and that means that applies to everybody,” Reynolds told reporters.

The governor spoke after her office, responding to open records requests from The Associated Press, said it had no evidence showing why the allegations against Jamison were considered credible and created no records detailing why he was terminated on March 24.

Reynolds and Jamison have known each other for 20 years, dating back to when they were county treasurers and leaders of the Iowa State County Treasurers Association. Days before he was fired, Jamison tried to arrange a meeting with Reynolds to “catch up.” Records released Friday show the two had breakfast in February at a restaurant whose name the governor’s office redacted.

“I certainly feel for David. I know that if I was in his shoes I would want people to give me the benefit of the doubt without judging me unless they had some actual facts of wrongdoing,” said Wayne Clinton, who served on the Story County Board of Supervisors when Jamison was treasurer and said he had done an “outstanding job.”

Clinton said the governor must have felt there was reason to terminate Jamison and that “it might have been a prudent move on her part” given the national #MeToo movement.

In a letter Friday, governor’s office general counsel Colin Smith said that a Reynolds aide received verbal “reports of sexual harassment” during a meeting on March 23. Smith didn’t explain who made the reports or what they entailed. Jamison was terminated in-person the next day by Reynolds’ aides without an investigation. Reynolds announced in a press release that she had ordered the firing after receiving “credible” allegations, which she later said involved multiple employees.

Reynolds last year supported a law change requiring Iowa government agencies to release the “documented reasons and rationale” when union and other public workers are fired or demoted following misconduct investigations. But the governor’s office said that requirement doesn’t apply to Jamison because he was a political appointee who could be fired for any reason.

Reynolds’ response to Jamison’s firing contrasts with her support late last year for Iowa Senate Republicans to release details of a report on workplace culture in the chamber. The report followed the state’s agreement to pay $1.75 million to a former Senate GOP caucus aide who was fired after reporting harassment. Reynolds said last month the Jamison case is different because it involved multiple victims seeking privacy.

Jamison hasn’t responded to messages seeking comment, and his alleged victims haven’t spoken publicly.

Iowa Freedom of Information Council director Randy Evans has criticized the secrecy surrounding Jamison’s firing and called on Reynolds to release more information.

“The governor is kidding herself if she thinks the people of Iowa will let her stick with her staff’s ‘we can’t comment on that’ non-explanation about Jamison,” he recently wrote in a column.

More ups than downs when it comes to our temperatures this week

Some high clouds from time to time but otherwise another beautiful spring day!  Temperatures are already approaching 70 degrees.  This will make it the second straight day we’ve felt temperatures above the normal high.  And we plan on making it a trifecta.

After seeing the mercury drop around the mid 40s tonight, comes another shot of readings topping around the 70 degree mark.  A fairly weak front will be passing through the area that evening.  However, not much moisture will be available, so just a few broken clouds will be expected.

The passage of this front will produce a minor dip in temperature with lower 60s for highs Wednesday to upper 60s on Thursday.

Another front will track through the area by Thursday night producing our next and only chance for showers for the rest of the week.  They’ll be enough cool air behind it that we’ll likely not get out of the 50s on Friday.

Fortunately,  much warmer air will not be too far behind with 60s, 70s and sunshine just in time for the weekend.

Chief meteorologist James Zahara

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Union supporters march during WIU contract negotiations

MACOMB, Illinois — A march of support rallied around Western Illinois University union members as they negotiate the terms of their contract with the administration.

A negotiation session started at 2 p.m. Monday, April 23 in Macomb. That’s where faculty, instructors, counselors, advisers, students, and community supporters walked across campus in the “March to Mediation.”

Simultaneously, union members and supporters rallied at the Quad Cities campus. Faculty and students gathered to watch the Macomb March on Facebook live.  They also shared testimonials on video.

In preparation for the march, supporters gathered Sunday evening to make signs pushing for fair contracts. UPI Local 4100 WIU Chapter posted photos of the sign-making process on Facebook.

WIU Professor Jim La Prad described the march as an act of solidarity, saying it “demonstrates our unity as we stand for a mutually beneficial future” for WIU employees, students, members, and the community.

Contract negotiations have been ongoing since December of 2016.  According to Professor La Prad, during the summer of 2017, a contract extension was signed, but no changes were made.

He said union members have been asked to take a permanent salary cut that’s based on an old contract.  In their negotiations they are looking for an equitable pay structure and have tossed around the idea of enacting a merit-based system.  The U.S. Department of Labor describes merit pay as raises based on performance.

Professor La Prad said he didn’t expect an agreement out of Monday’s negotiation, which is the last one scheduled for the year.  But he said more could be scheduled.

As negotiations have been underway, the union has been empowered with authorization to strike; this vote took place Wednesday, April 18.  This doesn’t necessarily mean there would be a strike, but it means the union could file an intent to strike at any time.

After strike authorization was given Union President William Thompson issued the following statement:

“We stand for a mutually beneficial, future: a better future for our students, for our members, for WIU’s employees, and for our community. Our goal with contract negotiations is to move Western Illinois University forward while allowing the institution to retain and attract quality faculty and academic support professionals. Unfortunately, management is not yet on board with this plan, so we decided to have this vote to allow the bargaining team to call a strike if management continues not to listen to our united voice. In the spring of 2016, UPI worked with management and deferred a previously negotiated 3% salary increases leading to a $3.2 million give back to Western from our members. We additionally gave up a 1% raise (worth $470,000 a year). We aren’t asking for the world, but the University can afford to give us a reasonable contract that will allow us to keep and retain the high quality faculty and staff that will provide a better future for all of us and make Western Illinois University, the Right Choice for our students.”

Waffle House murder suspect Travis Reinking now in custody, police say

Watch Video

CNN) — Travis Reinking, the man accused of killing four people at a Nashville-area Waffle House on Sunday, is now in custody, Metro Nashville police said Monday.

The arrest capped a day-long manhunt for the suspect police say unloaded an assault-style rifle at the restaurant in Antioch early Sunday morning.

The tragedy sparked a cycle of shock, grief and anxiety among residents throughout Nashville.

Nashville public schools started “lock-out” procedures Monday while Reinking was on the loose. Police warned residents to keep their doors locked.

It’s not clear what Reinking did during his roughly 35 hours on the run.

BREAKING: Metro Nashville police says Waffle House suspected shooter Travis Reinking is in custody https://t.co/fJNB2Ij88t

— Dave Boucher (@Dave_Boucher1) April 23, 2018

Earlier story: (CNN) — Across Nashville, the mood oscillates from shock to grief to anxiety.

More than a day after a semi-naked gunman shot up a Waffle House and killed four people, 160 law enforcement officers are scrambling to find suspect Travis Reinking.

Nashville public schools are following “lock-out” procedures Monday while the killer is at large. Police say residents should keep their doors locked as authorities scour the woods and other places Reinking may be hiding.

“I think right now, you’re going to be looking in the general wooded area around Antioch, where he could have gotten so far,” CNN law enforcement contributor Steve Moore said.

“If you keep in mind that he’s still got this main currency — which is going to be a firearm — he can get pretty much whatever he wants.”

That’s the chilling reality facing many residents, including some who’ve spotted police and search dogs looking through their neighborhoods.

“It’s very possible that he’s carjacked somebody, stolen a car, taken somebody,” Moore said. “We won’t know until there are reports of missing items or missing people.”

There have been no credible sightings of Reinking, 29, since Sunday morning, Metro Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said.

He said a resident in a neighboring county found an abandoned laptop bag near a truck stop with a handwritten ID tag reading “Travis Reinking.”

But there was no laptop inside, and it’s unclear whether the bag was abandoned there before or after the Waffle House shooting.

Tragedy and heroism

Reinking arrived at the Waffle House in Antioch, part of the metro Nashville area, just before 3:20 a.m. Sunday.

He sat in his pickup truck for 3 1/2 to 4 minutes “just looking at people inside the restaurant,” Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron said.

Then, wearing only a green jacket, the killer got out with an “assault-type rifle” and fatally shot two people outside the Waffle House, police said.

He continued his rampage inside the restaurant, killing another two people. His motive remains unclear.

The carnage stopped only because of the heroics of a customer, James Shaw Jr., who monitored the gunman’s moves from afar and jumped into action when he saw an opportunity.

Shaw “saw the gunman looking at his rifle. At that point, the shots had stopped. So he decided to rush the gunman, actually wrestled that assault rifle away, tossed it over the counter. At that point, the gunman then fled,” Aaron said.

Shaw denied that he was a hero, saying his actions were “a selfish act” to save himself.

Shaw has started a GoFundMe account to assist victims of the shooting, a GoFundMe spokeswoman told CNN. Within hours, the $15,000 goal had almost been met.

A bizarre escape

Reinking fled the scene of the shooting completely naked, police said. They suspect he went to his apartment, put on a pair of pants and may have escaped into the woods.

“A man believed to be Travis Reinking was last seen in a wood line near Discovery at Mountain View Apts. on Mountain Springs Drive near the Waffle House,” police tweeted. “The man was seen wearing black pants and no shirt.”

A police helicopter and a police dog tried to track the suspect after the shooting, but the dogs lost the scent, police said.

Nashville police said more than 80 officers are now searching for Reinking with the help of the Tennessee Highway Patrol, the FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

“He’s murdered four times with no apparent reason and no apparent motive. So we’re very concerned,” Metro Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson said.

Police have warned residents to keep their doors locked and “eyes open.”

Sheriff’s deputies 400 miles north of Nashville in Tazewell County, Illinois, where Reinking recently lived, are also on high alert.

What we know about the suspect

Reinking is from Morton, Illinois, and police believe he moved to the Nashville area last fall.

He worked in construction but was fired from a job about three weeks ago, police said. Reinking started with another construction company last Monday, but did not show up for work Tuesday.

The 29-year-old has a history of delusions and run-ins with the law.

In May 2016, Reinking had a delusional episode and told first responders that he believed pop star Taylor Swift was stalking him, according to a police report.

Reinking’s family also told police he had made comments about killing himself.

Last summer, Reinking was arrested by the Secret Service for trespassing near the White House.

Reinking said he wanted to meet with US President Donald Trump and told a Secret Service officer at the northeast entrance that he was a “sovereign citizen” who had a “right to inspect the grounds,” according to a Metropolitan Police Department incident report dated July 7, 2017.

He was charged with unlawful entry, an arrest report states, but the charges were dismissed after he completed community service.

At the FBI’s request, Reinking’s Illinois firearms authorization was revoked, and four weapons — including the AR-15 style rifle used in Sunday’s shooting — were seized.

Authorities in Tazewell County, Illinois, later returned the seized weapons to Reinking’s father, who gave them back to his son, police said.

After Sunday’s shooting, investigators found two of Reinking’s weapons, including one at his apartment. But police say they’re concerned he might have the two others with him.

The lives lost

The four people killed were all under 30 years old.

Two of them were fatally shot outside the restaurant: Waffle House employee Taurean C. Sanderlin, 29, of nearby Goodlettsville, and customer Joe R. Perez, 20, of Nashville.

Inside, the gunman killed two more young adults: 23-year-old Akilah Dasilva of Antioch and 21-year-old DeEbony Groves of nearby Gallatin.

Two more shooting victims, 21-year-old Shanita Waggoner and 24-year-old Sharita Henderson, were hospitalized.

Man wearing ‘MAGA’ hat pushes Hispanic victim onto subway tracks

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y.  — A man was repeatedly punched and pushed onto the subway tracks in a hate crime assault at the Union Square/14 Street subway station in Manhattan on Friday, the NYPD said.

Police said the victim, a 24-year-old Hispanic man, got into a verbal dispute with a man on a No. 4 train as it was approaching the station. The man, who police said was wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat and shirt, made several derogatory statements about the victim's ethnicity during the dispute, according to WPIX.

The man then followed the victim off the train onto the platform, punched his head several times and pushed him onto the track bed before fleeing to a Brooklyn bound L train, the NYPD said.

The victim was helped back onto the platform by his friend and another individual and taken to the hospital for a laceration on his head. The victim required staples on his head, according to police.

Officials released surveillance video of the suspected attacked. Police said he has a heavy build and was last seen wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat, a red shirt with the words "Make America Great Again" in white letters, blue dungaree overalls, a black ¾ jacket and jewelry around his neck.

Shark attack victim also survived bites from bear and a rattlesnake

HONOLULU – A Colorado man attacked by a shark in Hawaii last week also survived earlier encounters with a bear and a rattlesnake, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported.

Dylan McWilliams, 20 of Grand Junction, was bitten by a shark Thursday while swimming off the island of Kauai.

He suffered several cuts to his leg that can be seen in one of his recent Facebook posts.

McWilliams said he believes a tiger shark bit him.

“That was the scariest part. I didn’t know where the shark was, and I didn’t know if he would come after me again,” he told the Star-Advertiser.

This was not McWilliams' first painful bite from a wild animal. In fact, it was his third.

In July, he was attacked by a bear in Colorado.

The bear bit his skull, grabbed his head and dragged him about 12 feet from where he was sleeping. The bear was later euthanized.

The Star-Advertiser reported McWilliams was also bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking in Utah about 3 1/2 years ago.

"My parents are grateful I’m still alive," he told the newspaper.

TSA find firearm in carry-on bag at Quad City Airport

Moline, ILLINOIS – TSA officers at the Quad City International Airport (MLI) discovered a firearm in a carry-on bag at the security checkpoint on Sunday evening.

The 9mm HK-Heckler & Koch USP firearm was discovered on Sunday, April 22nd.  TSA officers spotted the firearm in an Atlanta-bound passenger’s carry-on luggage as it was screened at the checkpoint. When discovered, TSA immediately notified local law enforcement who responded to the checkpoint to interview the individual and take possession of the firearm.

The 37-year-old male passenger was arrested by police on a local charge.

Individuals who bring firearms to security checkpoints are referred to law enforcement and may be subject to criminal penalties by local law enforcement. In additional to criminal referrals, TSA imposes civil penalties ranging up to $9,800 for a single violation of a firearm brought to a security checkpoint. TSA continues to intercept firearms and other dangerous weapons at security checkpoints nationwide.

The number of firearms detected at the checkpoint continues to rise nationwide. TSA discovered 3,957 firearms at checkpoints across the nation last year and nearly 3,400 firearms in 2016.

This is the first firearm detected at MLI this year.

Read more about firearms at the checkpoint here: https://www.tsa.gov/blog/2018/01/29/tsa-year-review-record-amount-firearms-discovered-2017.

Boys halt basketball game to kneel as funeral procession passes; photo goes viral

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FRANKLINGTON, La. – A photo of a group of teens playing basketball is going viral – not because of the game, but of what they did as a funeral procession passed by.

It stopped sisters Johannah Stroud and Lynn Bickham Bienvenu in their tracks. It was a procession for their cousin, Velma Kay Crowe, WAFB reports.

The group of kids put down their basketball and took a knee as the procession passed by. They hurried to take a photo.

“It was really impressive,” said Stroud. “It meant a lot.”

Bienvenu shared the photo on Facebook, and it’s now been shared hundreds of times.

In the post, she wrote:

While attending a family funeral the procession passed a group of young boys shooting hoops. Take a look closely. They took a knee not out of disrespect but honor. They was not an adult insight to tell them to stop playing. This meant a great deal to our family. May God bless each one as I feel they will achieve greatness.

The comments have been endless, with thousands embracing the positivity and pouring out a stream of kind words for the boys in the photo.

“People are hungry to see good things and encouraging things,” Stroud said.

As for the young men, they’ve since reached out to family to express condolences for their loss and let them know it was their basketball coach who taught them the importance of taking a knee as a sign of respect.

“We don’t have to do great acts to show kindness, something simple as that or opening a door or being kind to someone, or respectful but it means a lot,” said Stroud.

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Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to baby boy

(CNN) — Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Britain’s Prince William, has given birth to a son, the royal family announced Monday.

The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth of the couple’s third child, at 11 a.m. local time at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, west London.

The newest arrival to the royal family weighs 8lbs 7oz (3.8 kilograms), and both mother and baby are “doing well,” according to the Palace.

“The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news,” Kensington Palace said in a statement on Twitter.

A golden easel bearing a framed notice announcing the birth was placed on display in front of Buckingham Palace on Monday afternoon. The bulletin will be on display for approximately 24 hours.

The practice of posting a bulletin on the occasion of a royal birth goes back to at least 1837, when Buckingham Palace became the Brtish monarch’s official residence.

The royal baby is fifth in line to the British throne, after grandDucfather Prince Charles, father Prince William and two siblings.

The newest addition to the royal family is a younger brother to Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2, and the Queen Elizabeth II’s sixth great-grandchild.

Prince George was born at the Lindo Wing in 2013, and Princess Charlotte in 2015. Their father William was also born at the same facility.

The duchess’ pregnancy was announced in September. At the time, she was said to be suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which involves nausea and vomiting more severe than the typical morning sickness many women suffer during early pregnancy. The duchess was affected by the same condition during her two previous pregnancies.

As her symptoms eased she returned to public engagements, making appearances alongside William, Harry and his fiancee, Meghan Markle.

The birth comes just weeks before the wedding of Harry and Markle at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor on May 19.

William and Kate will mark their own seventh wedding anniversary on April 29.

The news of a royal birth is traditionally announced on a gilded easel placed outside Buckingham Palace. Large crowds gathered outside in July 2013 to see the announcement of the arrival of William and Kate’s first child.

The couple announced his name, George Alexander Louis, and that of their daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, a couple of days after each was born.

Among bookmakers’ favored names for the couple’s third child are Arthur, Albert and Frederick.

Startup wants to get China, largest consumer of pork, to eat meatless pork

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David Yeung wants to take a bite out of China’s massive meat market.

When the founder of Green Common, a vegetarian grocery store and casual dining chain in Hong Kong, started bringing plant-based burgers and other meatless products to Asia, he saw an opportunity.

“One of the most consumed meats in the world is actually overlooked — that is pork,” Yeung told CNNMoney.

Yeung on Monday launched a new product called omnipork which he hopes will change people’s diets in mainland China, the world’s largest consumer of pork. Omnipork is made from soy, pea, mushroom and rice proteins, but it tries to mimic the taste and feel of real pork.

Yeung’s company — Right Treat — is currently seeking approval from Chinese regulators and expects to start selling omnipork in mainland China before the end of the year.

In China, pork is a beloved meat: the Chinese character for family is a pig under a roof. Until recently, the country’s growing ranks of middle class consumers had fueled a massive rise in pork consumption.

People in China will eat about 56 million tons of pork this year, more than any other country, according to US Department of Agriculture estimates.

But demand may be peaking. Last year, overall pork consumption in China hit a three-year low of 54.8 million tons.

The dip came after the Chinese government issued dietary guidelines in 2016, outlining a plan to cut meat consumption in half. An official campaign included commercials featuring actor and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar encouraging Chinese people to eat less meat to help the planet.

Yeung hopes to tap into China’s changing diets, but it’s still a lofty goal to convince people who grew up chowing down on pork dumplings and sweet-and-sour pork to choose meatless alternatives.

He compares his ambitions to what Starbucks has achieved in China.

“China has never been a coffee drinking country. For the last 5,000 years, Chinese people drink tea,” he said. “But what Starbucks has done is they create a lifestyle, and it is aspirational, it’s about much more than what is inside the cup, it is everything around it.”

Yeung is joining other startups that are looking to shake up the global meat industry. They include Beyond Meat, which is bankrolled by actor Leonardo di Caprio, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and agricultural giant Tyson Foods.

Yeung is also an investor in Beyond Meat and brought its meatless burger and other products to Hong Kong. He said his company saw sales of Beyond Meat grow fourfold in one year, and there are plans to take it to mainland China by the end of the year.

Impossible Foods, a startup behind a meatless burger that bleeds, launched in Hong Kong last week, its first international market.

But Yeung says those startups’ products generally appeal to Western palates. He made omnipork specifically for Asian dishes, enlisting a two-star Michelin chef — Li Yuet Faat at Ming Court — to tackle a few Chinese staples.

At first, Li said he wasn’t sure what to do with omnipork. Eventually, he decided to try using it for xiaolong bao, steamed soup dumplings typically stuffed with pork. It took the chef and his team several tries before they finally made a version with omnipork that they were ready to serve.

This CNNMoney reporter and three colleagues did a blind test of omnipork soup dumplings alongside regular ones — and everyone could taste the difference. But everyone also agreed that the omnipork soup dumplings were still tasty. Li will also roll out a sweet-and-sour pork dish using omnipork in June.

“You can use this ingredient many ways, steam it, cook it, fry it, pan fry it, stuff it in dumplings, meatballs,” Yeung said. “This is something that we want to be really all purpose.”